Get started

There are many paths God will take people on to take them to being church planters. Once God has placed it in someone’s heart WEC will work with them to realise their call.


An opportunity to do something great! I Just Don’t Know What to do With Myself! So goes the song begins, in the 70s this song was played over and over on the radio and drove my mum crazy. She said ‘I wish...

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Worldview Centre

Worldview Centre for Intercultural Studies is a learning community for people committed to being part of God’s work in reaching Unreached People Groups. Discipleship is at the core of our programs and...

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Joining WEC

On your journey to a field there is a lot to do to prepare you. WEC has several training areas that will help you learn how to effectively live in cross cultural situation while planting churches.

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Life-long learning

Your journey doesn't end once you're living in another culture. WEC Australia believes in life-long learning and there's always the opportunity to keep developing professionally (just as there is in any job). A...

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