New life for a refugee

A church in the Middle East is actively working to help refugees who have fled from fighting in the region. Church members give out food packages, hygiene packs, medications and nappies for babies to refugees who need them. The church is open and coffee and biscuits are served. Members are available to pray with refugees. Christian literature and Scriptures are free for people to take. This has opened up possibilities for Christians to visit the refugees in their homes and share God’s grace with them.

As a result, the churches have gained a solid reputation as generous, compassionate and honest. This good reputation of the ministry of the churches here has been spreading among the refugees for months. Christians are known as more honest and righteous, treating the refugees with honour and respect. Some have come to the churches not only for material help but also spiritual and emotional comfort. They bravely enter the church door to listen, to learn, to receive and to worship. One lady had been going to the church meetings. She was approached by church members and challenged that she had to believe in Jesus. She said, yes, I believe in Jesus. No, you have to believe he is the Son of God. She complained to the church pastor that she was upset because people at the church were challenging her to change her beliefs. He replied that she was welcome to stay no matter what she believed. She went home to think about this. She prayed that, “If you want me to keep going to this church, I want a sign - you must help me get in contact with my family”. She had been separated from them because of the war for many months. The very day, she got a call from her daughter who was in another country. Her daughter somehow got her number. Everyone is fine, the daughter said, “We have been separated for a time, but now we are together”. Then the lady had a dream about Abraham. He was tall and old, and with a crowd of people. In the dream, she asked, “Who is this?” They replied, “It is Abraham”. She said, “I want to talk to Abraham”. So she talked with him. He puts his hand on her shoulder, and said, “Daughter, stay at the church, you need to stay there. But you need to believe that Jesus is the Son of God”. She woke up, went back to church, and stood up and publicly stated, “Jesus is the Son of God, I am your sister, I want to be accepted by you”. Discipleship opportunities abound. The church is asking for help… where are the workers to cope with the quantity of open people?